It's My Parents' Fault, They Raised Me This Way

Do you have any consistent and dramatic COVID fatigue triggers? Something that, when it happens, completely throws you into a pit of done-ness?
Thing that instantly gets me is when I have to cancel a plan. For example, I was supposed to go for a walk with a friend the other day and then she told me she has allergies and even though she's certain it's not COVID, she does have some symptoms.

We probably could have gone for our walk and been just fine, but instead I opted, as I usually do, for the abundance of caution. You know, variants of concern, people thinking they have allergies and then having COVID, how stupid I would feel if I did get it from this...

I was instantly resentful. I whined to one of my group chats and sat on the kitchen floor staring into the middle distance with my cat on my lap for a hilarious amount of time.

Eventually, I broke the funk and started doing something with my day again. (Which is usually the answer, by the way, is to just do something else that I enjoy--a simple solution that takes me quite some time to get to.)
COVID is really making me resent being a responsible person, y'all. I blame my parents, who raised me to consider the consequences of my actions.
How about you? What smaller COVID thing destroys your day? And how do you deal with it?

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