The Freedom of Never Getting On Top of Things, and Other Secrets to Life

An animated gif from the TV show Brooklyn 99, the character Gina Lanetti says "How did my life come to this?"

The first one on his list was very apt for the week I have been having: there will always be too much to do, and that realization is liberating.

Because sometimes giving up is liberating, and if, during this age of productivity hacks and getting things done and habit stacking I can just know deep down that "getting on top of things" for any extended period of time is a lie, I might rest easier. Or at all!

Two more fave pieces of advice:

All things being equal, he suggests choosing "enlargement" over happiness. We are, apparently, pretty bad at predicting what will actually make us happy and use things like security as a proxy for that. Better to ask "will this enlarge or diminish me?"

The solution to imposter syndrome is to see that you are one, and so am I. None of us had a practice run at life--we're making it up as we go. That means that once you pass whatever basic qualifications are needed for a job or problem, you're basically as qualified as anyone else. Don't worry about it and do your best.

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