My Dear Yakutia

Alexey Vasilyev's photos of the Yakutia region of Russia are stunning and stark. It's the biggest region of Russia, but largely uninhabited, and has a climate with the biggest shifts of anywhere in the world, going from minus 60 in the winter to 40 in the summer. It's covered in snow from October-April.

Wow, these people are tough cookies.

A photo of two men standing in a forest. They are wearing large, furry suits that appear to be for some kind of giant animal or perhaps monster and are holding the heads of the suits in their hands so you can see their faces, looking deadpan at the camera.

A photo of a giant, snowy landscape with a large model of a mastadon covered in snow. A person, completely obscured by their winter coat and hat, stands next to it. It looks bleak.

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