Inspiration! How to age like a teenager

This video made the rounds a few weeks ago, but it's still worth watching and thinking about: Flossie Lewis, a 91-year old inspiration.

Before we get into it, let me say that sometimes I think we go a bit overboard on "Elderly Inspiration" stuff - it's like we're not allowed to ever just relax anymore. Even as we retire and age we have to accomplishing great things.

In the case of Flossie, however, I see true inspiration.  It's not about doing amazing things - she's not swimming across a freezing channel or setting a world record.  She is living life and having fun and avoiding the mental traps of aging.  She still feels like a fifteen year old!

Among other things, this makes me feel good about the fact that I've never felt particularly "adult" and always feel a bit like a teenager who's tricked everyone into giving her a job and a home of her own.

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