Challenge Accepted: Daily art-making therapy

Daily art-making therapy challenge

This is completely unsurprising, but worth remembering: a new study has shown that making art reduces stress.

This has been a pretty stressful couple of weeks/months/year in my life, and while I know that whenever I get away from computers and lists and just do something with my hands I feel a million times better, I don't actually do it that often.

So how about we start a daily art-making club?  Nothing too trying: doodle, mould some clay, slowly peck away at a collage, whatever.  Five minutes.  Five minutes of art-making, every day.  How does that sound?

Rallying cry: WHO'S WITH ME???

Wait: plans need to be a little bit more firm than this (for me, anyways).  A quick perusal through my craft drawers shows that I have a bunch of random acrylic paints.  I have long wanted to try a thing of painting or drawing onto book pages, so that's what I'm going to do.  I am setting aside a little box with paints, felts, a few books I don't mind cutting up, and brushes.

This is my Self-Imposed Art Therapy Box!

Starting tomorrow I'm going to set a timer for five minutes in the morning or evening and make something.  I probably won't get far in terms of the making, but heck, five minutes of self-imposed art therapy is better than zero minutes of self-imposed art therapy.

For how long?  Who knows.  At least a week.  I'll post them on Instagram with the hashtag #selfimposedarttherapy, and do a blog update next week.

Join me!

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