Learning! Science vs. Pseudoscience

I love science.  This would be a shocking statement for anyone who knew me during school to hear, seeing as I took the bare minimum of science classes in order to graduate both university and high school.  Partially that was because I had other priorities - like theatre, which is actually my career now, so it was actually useful - and partially that was because I didn't fully understand how awesome science is.  Now, I get it.  Science is discovery.  Discovery is amazing.  Scientists are like artists, except instead of making things up in their heads they seek things out in the world.  They are explorers.  They are the coolest.

Unfortunately, despite all the awesome science that is occurring all around us, we seem to be living in a golden age of pseudoscience.  This, I believe, we can blame squarely on the internet.

When I research anything that people have even remotely strong emotional responses to, it can be very difficult to tell if the source I'm looking at is actual science or pseudoscience, because those pseudoscientists are really good at sounding really science-y.  Luckily, someone made a handy little guide to tell if something you're reading is actual science or pseudoscience:

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