Inspiration! Old Babies

I'll admit that despite my big talk about accepting yourself and your life and whatever blah blah blah everything is great and you are a gift to the world and don't ever change - I am kind of terrified of aging.

The terror has lessened slightly as I age, which is convenient.  I no longer tear grey hairs out of my head the instant I see them, and instead let those wiry little fellahs fly with a certain level of amusement.  (I will, however, pluck that stupid little grey eyebrow hair if it ever dares to show its face again.)  But still, as much as I know that wrinkles are a beautiful symbol of experience and (hopefully) laughter and that drooping boobs are just a thing that happens eventually, I just really don't want them to be a part of my life.

These babies done up as old people, somehow, help.

See more at Feature Shoot.  Photos by Zachary Scott.

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