Learning! The Four Greatest Psychological Discoveries of 2014

This combines my love for year-end lists and psychology!  Psych Central shared what they consider to be the four greatest psychological discoveries of 2014.  Here are the basics, and of course, visit their blog for their analysis.
  1. We look for happiness in the wrong places.  It's not in the big life events, but little day-to-day moments.
  2. Mindfulness.  We are all about mindfulness these days, and while it's gotten to a shark-jumping level of saturation in the personal and professional development realm, it's truly useful.  Be aware of your thoughts and feelings, in the moment.  Pay attention.  It is good for you.
  3. Sleep and anxiety. Going to bed early and getting enough sleep actually might combat obsessive negative thinking, worrying, and anxiety.
  4. Treat yourself with compassion and feel better about yourself.  Extend yourself the compassion you would extend to others and you'll just feel better about yourself!
These are even complementary practices - the more mindful you are of the moment, the more likely you are to notice the day-to-day little things that will bring you joy.  Compassion also increases the ol' happiness meter, and a good night's sleep is good for everyone.

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