learning! 20 wonderful effects exercise has on the mind

It's pretty common knowledge these days that exercise releases endorphins and helps people feel happier and less stressed, but that doesn't mean we can't all use some reminders of the positive non-physical effects of exercise.  Get the full meal deal here on PsyBlog including the science-y explanations. Here, however, are the Cole's Notes:

  1. Increases stress resilience.
  2. Reduces anxiety.
  3. Lower dementia risk.
  4. Escape a bad mood.
  5. Cut down on cocaine.
  6. Fight depression.
  7. Speed up your mind.
  8. Consolidate long-term memory.
  9. Boost self-control.
  10. Help with serious mental disorders.
  11. Reduce silent strokes.
  12. Alzeihmer's protection.
  13. Improve children's school performance.
  14. Stimulate brain cell growth.
  15. Increase executive functioning.
  16. Better sleep.
  17. Prevent migraines.
  18. Stop smoking.
  19. Reduce motivation to eat.
  20. It's more fun than we predict.

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