learn! tights or pants?

The "tights are not pants" war has been raging for quite some time, mostly from the people who yell "tights are not pants!" on the internet.  I'm pretty sure those girls who wear tights as pants aren't even aware that anyone notices anything except for … I don't know, their bright and cleverly constructed yoga tops with extra straps that make no sense and headbands with bangs sticking up underneath?

Regardless, the people (myself included) who don't think tights are pants continue to agree with each other about how you shouldn't wear tights as pants.  In a world of stretchy pants, it can be hard to tell if the cloth stretched over your legs are pants or leggings.  Luckily, blogger Bridgette Rays has solved the problem with a quick questionnaire:

My Favourites:
  • If your pants have feet attached to them, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If your pants have a control top, they’re tights, not pants.
  • If your pants are sold in the tights and socks section, they’re tights, not pants.
Also, she linked to this handy flowchart to help you out if you're still unclear.

BAM!  Learned.

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