Notes on the Successes of My Peers

It's mildly depressing to put together the tax return for a girl two years older than me (read the same age as my older sister) who owns her own restaurant and is rolling in the dough. Of course, she also owes a couple thousand in taxes and is probably constantly stressing about whether or not her staff is stealing from her and if they respect her as a boss since she's essentially the exact same age as them. The only real difference between her and her staff is that they're all trying to make it as actors/models/singers and she really secretly always wanted to do that too, but her dad always told her since she was a child that the only people who go that route in life are people whose parents didn't give them enough love as children and so now they have chosen Desperately Seeking Attention as careers, and if she chose that she would essentially be saying that he didn't give her enough love when obviously he did, and what's she trying to do, call him a terrible father?

Anyways, that's a lot of pressure that I don't have as a receptionist who is seriously considering choosing Desperately Seeking Attention as a career. Coincidentally, my older sister is pretty much successfully following this career path, which of course doesn't make me feel inferior at all either. But that's for another rant.


  1. Today I exclaimed, "I'm going to audition for Canadian Idol next time 'round." David was not supportive.

    I also said, "I feel like being mainstream," which was frustrating to some because a month ago I was saying, "I feel like being indie."

  2. Ah, the blog. The distraction of choice for a variety of reasons. I seem to have outgrown my blog days... though I once had like.. 5 at a time or something ridiculous like that.

    Looks like yours will be a good read though. I am looking forward to more posts. ^__^

    ~ Lara