Monday Monday, can't help that day...

Greetings and Happy Monday! The day when all possessors of the BOJ take our posts, answer phones, make photocopies, and generally try not to let the weight of 5 WHOLE DAYS crush our spirits. Waking up to bright sunshine does make it a little easier though.

News item for the day: hopefully everyone knew about Earth Hour this past weekend. On Saturday at 8pm everyone was supposed to turn off their lights for an hour to save energy/send a message to the government about our priorities, etc. Unfortunately, this little receptionist was a wedding, and most brides are not too keen of an hour of dark and silence in the middle of their receptions. However, turns out that Vancouver's energy demands dropped by approx. 3% during Earth Hour, and North Van's dropped by 7%. Well done! Shake your hand, pat yourself on the back, and revel in your globe-saving sacrifice (as you commute from North Van to downtown in your SUV of course).

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