And then the phone destroys her...

Okay, maybe I need to partially take back my last post, because this phone is going to be the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE! Apparently someone left a message while I was on lunch. I know how to check messages, I've done it before, and yet... I can't get into the freaking mailbox!

Oh password, what are you? This is not the time for coy games or pranks, this is a time for cooperation!

*side note: I couldn't remember if bane was spelled b-a-n-e or b-a-i-n, so I looked it up at gool ol' There I learned that bane is the spelling when referring to a person or thing that ruins or spoils. However, bane can also be used as a suffix to indicate a deadly poison, and is often used as a suffix for the names of poisonous plants. So to use such information completely out of context and very melodramatically, perhaps I could call this phone a phonebane, or voicemailbane?

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