Every Day is Fugging Day

Man, sometimes killing time by reading trashy websites can be dangerous. Case in point: whilst flipping through the pages of Go Fug Yourself (I say flipping through the pages because I consider looking at this website on par with, say, reading US Weekly or People or some other equally trashy magazine that you flip through without actually reading anything, except that I do read the writing in Go Fug Yourself, what with the constant hilarity of the written commentary), I saw Paula Abdul getting rightly fugged, as usual. Now it's all I can do to keep this:

"a do-do you love me? A do-do you love me? A do-do you love me? Sing it! Straight up now tell me are you really gonna love me for-ev-er (oh oh oh) or are you just having fun…"

In my head and not my mouth. GEEZ! Actually, it's kind of catchy. If this wasn't such a deathly silent office I'd probably start half-singing it to myself and do a little chair-dancing.

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