Cute! Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens

We all have at least one "cool friend", right?  You know the kind I'm talking about - cool apartment, cool clothes, cool hair, cool things to say, cool job, and of course, cool personality so that you actually like them despite the inevitable inferiority you will feel in their presence.  And I'm talking straight-up "cool", not like "quirky cool", or "funny cool", or all the other kinds of coolness we categorize to embrace our oddity.  This person is cool, full stop.

Anyways, my cool friend Jeff told me about this video, and it made me very happy.  It's giant men meeting a whole bunch of tiny kittens!  Just thinking about and I make a high-pitched squeal in my head.

(PS: Sorry if I made you feel weird by pointing out how cool you are, Jeff.)

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