Learning! Haters Gonna ... Do a Better Job?

We already know that haters (aka, grumpy people) are predisposed to think negatively about things.  That's why they "gonna hate", right?  Well how about this: a new study shows that people who are predisposed to think negatively think about fewer things overall.  They spend more time doing less things than us cheery folk.

What does this mean?  Well, aside from the fact that they are less likely to schedule yoga, a coffee date, and a party all in one night, it might also mean that they are better at those few tasks that they choose to focus on.  Because, you know, doing fifty things for five minutes each apparently means you have less time to learn them well than if you do five things for fifty minutes each.

Makes sense - positive people are going to have positive feelings towards more things and thus want to do them all.  Negative people are all choosy and thus might perform better at their jobs along with other fun-type hobbies.

So there you go, the one and only benefit to being a hater.

SOURCE: Science Daily

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