They're BACK!

My morning reading could easily be smart: I could be reading the news.  I could be catching up on important facts and commentary about all sorts of things, from natural disasters, pending elections (both in my own country and in other countries where elections are probably a much bigger deal because they involve guns), and the old lady whose cat came back and brought friends with it (why is there always a 'human interest' news story about someone getting a pet back?  Really?)

Anyways, what I'm saying is that I could be a better person.  But I'm not.  All the ladies out there should be incredibly grateful for that fact at this moment, because I am excited to report that my morning reading (The Hairpin) gave me a gift far sweeter than current affairs ever could:  THE WAKEFIELD TWINS ARE BACK!

Yes, that's right ladies.  The Sweet Valley High twins and their whole motley crew are back, except that now they're 27 years old (just like us, OMG!) and having "grown up" dramas.  I know what I'm reading this weekend, and it's not the book club book I still haven't even bought even though we're meeting on Sunday.

You can even read the first chapter online here.  Spoiler alert, just from the cover image photos you can tell that Jessica is even sluttier than ever and Elizabeth is caught up in her mess.  *Sigh*

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