Drag Queen Bingo!

Tonight I experienced the full-blown awesomeness that is Drag Queen Bingo at Celebrities!  I've actually been before, about a year ago, but I arrived late and somehow didn't realize just how amazing this event is. Thank goodness I went again, this time with my good friend Allie and a bunch of Yelpers.

It's quite possible that my enthusiasm for the evening has something to do with the fact that I WON!  Not the big-fancy prize, but I won a free Marble Slab sundae that you know I'll be saving for that perfect summer day, a free haircut at a fancy-schmancy salon, a compilation CD (meh), and free tickets to the Lady Gaga drag queen contest tomorrow night, also at Celebrities.  I have a huge heart-on for the Gaga, so I'm REALLY sad that I can't go tomorrow night, but I already have tickets for The Wedding Singer.  So I guess... let me know if you want my tickets?

Winnings aside, the night as a whole was fab.  The other ladies at my table were fun people, and the classiest dame around, Joan-E was the host.  She's quite the natural with the witty repartee and friendly jabs at participants, making for a very entertaining night.  The DJ kept things awesome as well, playing some of my favourite sing-along numbers (The Sign, Love Shack, Bad Romance...) which was only slightly distracting whilst I was trying to win at bingo.  My only complaint: it was freaking hot in there, and not just because of all the sexy trannies.

All in all, a wonderful night supporting a wonderful cause, Friends for Life.  GO TO DRAG QUEEN BINGO, YOU SEXY BITCHES.

PS: After all that I actually read the website and see that it's officially called Bingo for Life, aka Gay Bingo.  I've always known it as Drag Queen Bingo, so I don't know if they changed the name or if I'm just confused.  I like saying Drag Queen Bingo better, so I'm sticking to it.

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