The Closet Project

I am currently undergoing a closet project.  About a month ago (unfortunately I did not make note of the actual date I started, thus kind of defeating the overall purpose of The Closet Project) I decided to only wear each item of clothing I own once and see how long I could go doing this.  Obvious things like jeans, sweaters, and layering shirts are excepted as they are the staples to many other items of clothing, and being unable to wear THESE items of clothing more than once would have rendered half my wardrobe useless.

The whole point of the project was to see how long I could go without having to re-wear something.  It would have been brilliant if I had kept track of when I started, which I honestly have no idea of.  I seriously can't even pinpoint an approximate week.  I'm at a loss.  The secondary whole point was for me to see what clothes were the duds of my closet, the ones I would avoid wearing at all costs, so that I could get rid of them.  I have sort of failed on that account too, as I'm pretty much out of clothes now and only have two things that I really don't want to wear.

I considered taking a picture of each outfit so I could actually see all my clothes, but that seemed narcissistic in a silly way (as opposed to the fun narcissism that is so popular on the internets), so I didn't.

Getting down to the end does make getting dressed a little trickier though.  Now that I've got maybe three or four possible outfits left, I have to think about what I'll be doing over the next few days and what clothes will be the most optimal when.  Do I want to save my cute tank top that I got for $10 even though it should have cost $40 for the end as a reward, or wear it today?  (I'm wearing it today.)  Will I be forced to wear a dress on a dress-inconvenient day?

The BIG question, however, is what to do with the drawer of summer clothes.  I set it aside in fall to make room for sweaters and whatnot, but it's getting into the warm weather now and I would probably start integrating these clothes into my regularly-scheduled-programming any day/week/month now anyways.  So should these be included in the project?  If so, I have significantly extended The Closet Project.  I will basically start Wardrobe Number Two: The Doubling, because summer clothes don't take up much space and a full drawer of summer clothes is pretty much the equivalent of three shelves of winter clothes.

Either way, I have been pretty lax with this entire project, so it probably doesn't matter very much what I do.  The only thing I have really learned is that I do, indeed, own a lot of clothes, and that they almost all make me happy when I wear them.

I am confused now!  Did The Closet Project fail?  Should I keep it going???  I NEED GUIDANCE!!!

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