I'm writing a post about DC Talk? Weird.

I have "Coloured People" by DC Talk stuck in my head. Why, you ask? Why on earth would I have a song that I obsessed over for a summer when I was 12 because they were the coolest Christian band (and thus an acceptable CD purchase in my home) on the block that I have since completely forgotten about and laughed involuntarily about whenever I thought of? (Whew! Run-on-THAT!) Because I was doing a sudoku puzzle (PS: Pet Peeve: when people pronounce "sudoku" "soodookoo" or "sodakoo". It's freaking SUDOKU people -soodohkoo- not hard to say!) and methodically going through the numbers I was looking for, starting with one. Then all of a sudden my thoughts of "one... one... one..." became rhythmic, just like the echoed counting that starts off "Coloured People." GEEZ. This is kind of an annoying way to end my gloriously last day as The Receptionist!

PS (or should I say PPS, since I incorrectly used a PS in the body of my paragraph?): I've used way too many quotation marks, parantheses, and now, post-scripts in this posting. I apologize. It's DC Talk, they do this to me! Although I do still think that they rocked it with Free at Last, pulling the old trickeroo, making us think it was old people singing a hymn and then rapping it out.

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