A funny thing happened on the way to the office.

Funny story yesterday: I came to work but I didn't work. The sequence of events (written in the third person, because I've already told this story a few times and am kind of bored with it so this should shake things up a bit):

-Andrea arrives to the office, reaches into her purse for keys to open up, and can't find them.
-After some frantic digging, she sits down and goes through her purse more carefully.
-Still no keys.
-Andrea sits down beside the office door and starts reading her book (BREAKING DAWN!!!) while she waits.
-She expects someone to show up within an hour-they don't.
-Not knowing what exactly to do, she sticks a note on the door asking whoever gets in to phone her when they arrive and waits by the coffee shop down the street.
-She buys an over-priced tea ($3.05? Are they serious? For TEA???) and reads her book more.
-She barely notices when over an hour passes.
-She goes back to the office to make sure her note's still there-it is.
-She goes back to the coffee shop.
-The last two steps are repeated twice more, except that the third time she goes to the diner next to the coffee shop and buys a cookie, as it's almost lunch time and she's hungry.
-Andrea sighs several times, unsure of what to do, in between getting lost in her book.
-She goes back to the office one last time, around 12:30, and waits a little longer and then goes home.
-20 minutes after she gets home she gets a message saying that someone's finally arrived but that Andrea should probably just take the day off. No kidding.

The end.

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