To Answer Your Question, No, We Are Not Okay

I saw this on Twitter recently.

To answer her question... no, no I don't think that we are. On so many levels.

First of all, we are humans. Are humans okay? We don't seem to be doing very well.

Second, the person described here has postpartum depression. Many humans experience some version of depression which is both okay (because I don't know, I seem fine with it for my entire life) and also very much not okay (what is broken that so many of us live like this?). From what I have witnessed, postpartum depression is a particularly brutal experience, what with all the exhaustion and babies to keep alive and feeling all alone.

But more to the point of the section she highlighted, let's use a Venn diagram.

On one side are the white women who are aware of our role in supporting a white, hetero-patriarchy, hate it, don't know what to do about it, and are too scared to really go there. These women are constantly guilty and would fully feel absolutely wracked about adding another white man to humanity. Not okay.

On the other side are the white women who think there's nothing wrong with our role in supporting the white, hetero-patriarchy. They may feel fine or they may feel very angry (at all that political correctness ruining their white son's futures) but either way, they are really not okay either.

In the overlap are the white women who are aware of everything we have done to hurt humanity, doing what they can within their sphere of influence to change it, and while they sometimes feel a terrible weight of guilt, they also feel free to experience joy and love and raise their little white sons as best they can, should reproducing be a thing for them. They are okay.

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