How Do You Know it's Time to Change?

An animated gif of some pieces of pink wood that make the word "CHANGE" on a blue background
Khyati Trehan

Some friends and I were discussing how we know when it's time to make a change in life. There were some repeated experiences:

At some point, after we've hemmed and hawed and wondered whether we can or should do a thing, we become kind of dissociated or disinterested in the whole situation. It's like our minds detach a bit from the issue to say, "See? You can pull away from this and make the change, you just have to do it!" or perhaps, "Stop all this stressing and mulling and just DO SOMETHING already!"

It's a bit of a sense of giving up, as if the change has become inevitable, and we just need to accept it and go along for the ride.

We also discussed the feeling of sometimes being pushed towards change by a really undesirable current state, and other times feeling pulled into the change by a sweet new reality. The "Get me out of here!" versus the, "Ooooh, over there looks neat!"

The pull feels more like a choice but ultimately, both can overwhelm your decision-making and land you somewhere that's not what you wanted!

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