Inspiration! Roundup: Grand Theft Terra Firma, the perfect little dance, Wal Mart stands up for climate change, and Christian extremism

This Week's "I want to go to there":
I'M THERE! (This is an old map of Europe
- I think Russia is represented by an octopus?)

Grand Theft Terra Firma

Since we love violent video games so much, why not play one that recreates actual, historical violence? Why throw hire, beat, and rob fake prostitutes when you can mimic the colonization of Canada? A new art exhibit, Grand Theft Terra Firma, suggests just that. It's not a real game (let's not give people the opportunity to play out their prejudices), but is a really provocative look at Canadian history, colonization, and video game culture.

Fly Me to the Moon

A little piece of perfection.

Bizzaro Universe Confirmed

If you care about the environment and social justice, you know the way things normally go: governments try to implement environmental regulations, Big Business fights back with all their lawyers and corporate donations, and nothing changes.

In further evidence that we've entered some bizarro parallel universe, Trump rolled back environmental regulations on businesses, and many of them said, "it's cool, we're going to keep doing these things. OF OUR OWN VOLITION."

I am skeptical, confused, and cautiously incredibly excited.

The Christian Equivalent of ISIS

For anyone who has tried to explain to a Christian (or someone spouting anti-Muslim rhetoric) that the Bible and Christianity has just as much extremism and violence as ISIS, here is some inspiration: a Muslim lawyer listing some of the extreme violence perpetrated at the hands of Christians. I believe that this is an occasion to use "lawyer" as a verb: that guy got LAWYERED.

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