Learning! Why Net Neutrality Matters

If you're like me, you've heard terms like "net neutrality" bounced around from time to time and basically known that it's supposed to be good but that's it.  This great video from College Humor* not only explains the term clearly, but also why it is in jeopardy.  Watch it!

Then (if you're American) go to www.dearfcc.org and sign the petition to stop them.  It's a really easy, well-laid-out form.  Probably the best online petition I've seen yet.  I wish I could sign it!

If you're not American, share this with your American friends, because if they do this it's going to eff things up for everyone. Plus, Canadians know that Harper loooooves to be a copy cat.

*It feels really wrong to write "Humor" the American way, but that's their name, so I probably should.

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