Learning! 34 American Lady Scientists Who Changed the World

Our good friends, the list-makers at Buzzfeed, made a great list of 34 American Lady Scientists Who Changed the World. A nice reminder, in a field that's very man-heavy, that the ladies were out there as early as can be making discoveries too. And back when it was wholly unladylike to do so.

Mary Agnes Chase - photo found on Buzzfeed

There are plenty to check out - look at them all on the Buzzfeed post.

I like Mary Agnes Chase the best because people were like, "We won't fund your research! You're a woman! That is terrible!" and she was like, "Fine, I'll fund my own." (Of course, I assume she was of some form of independent means to be able to do this, but maybe she held a car wash.)

Also cool: Roger Arliner Young was the first African American woman to receive a doctorate in zoology.  Botanist Matilda Moldenhauer Brooks discovered the antidote for carbon monoxide poisoning.  Florence Barbara Seibert discovered the skin test for TB.

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