Inspiration! Tears Under a Microscope

The headline for the original article on this is "Looking at tears under a microscope reveals a shocking fact" - pure click bait, of course.  It's not really shocking at all, but surprisingly beautiful.  I guess unexpected beauty is a bit shocking, isn't it?

Tears of Grief

Tears of Possibility and Hope

This isn't by any means scientific (hence being an "Inspiration!" and not a "Learning!" post), so we can't take much away from that except that our tears are varied and beautiful in their make up.  Like how our sweat smells different with different causes (stress sweat is way stinkier than exercise sweat, am I right?), tears shed for different reasons look different.  And intricate.  And beautiful.  And we normally just swipe them off our faces and rub them on our jeans.

Consider the artistry in something as tiny as a tear the next time you need to remember how amazingly complex our universe really is.

See more tears at the original LifeBuzz article!

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